Sunday, 27 January 2013


Yes, I intend for this to be a 'fashion' blog, but make no mistake - I am not fashionable at all. I just like talking about clothes and how fucking hideous Jeremy Scott collections are o m g Taylor Tomasi Hill is my queen!!!!! I say this because I have to warn you, this post might offend some of you. See, I've been cleaning out my closet and throwing shit out (actually, recycling), and literally, I ended up with a pile of turd that resembled my shameful teen fashion past 

So here we go, I picked some of the most hideous, cringe inducing pieces of crap that might make you recoil in second hand embarrassment for your viewing displeasure. I cried myself to sleep shortly after this post.

To your left are my floral leggings from Cotton On. At the time of purchase, I honestly thought wow I am so fashion forward and stylish, is this like haute kOuture??? To be fair, they were very comfortable. My mom said maybe I could be a DIY queen and salvage them and make them bicycle shorts. I said moooommm that's like having shitty booty call sex with someone and then asking them to date you the next day (no, I didn't actually say that) - however, very similar situations.

To your right are these orange stockings. I don't even know what to say, what was I trying to achieve?!

Hi wow there's period blood everywhere on this shirt sorry about this

I actually really like camo print, but people won't take me seriously when I wear this. I'm just a misunderstood camo girl in a big city world okay anyway

I'm trying to revert back to my 13 year old mind set to comprehend why I was compelled to buy this...thing. Potential theories:
  1. I thought it was very 'Rachel Zoe' / 'Mary Kate Olsen' 
  2. I was hoping its soft and fluffy exterior might attract boys to want to hug me
  3. Pillow case / dress new trend
Either way, I kept it. BOYZ HOLLA

Remember when word shirts used to be like a mating call? HEY LOOK AT ME I'M FUNNY AND DOWN TO EARTH AND CASUAL AND WITTY! Now only 50 year old married men wear them, usually some puns about beer or 'You don't make friends with salad'.
Just so we're clear, the shirt on your left says 'You're a black hole, you're dense and you suck'.
Just so we're not clear, I don't know what is happening on the shirt on the right, my aunt got it from China Town I think. I like the intent behind it though, throw a few good sounding words and hope it works out, much like my college essays

This is from Harajuku in Tokyo. I had a pathetic (it didn't last long) goth / scene phase; there was a time when I roamed Xanga, wrote Evanescence lyrics on my school notebooks and listened to The Scene Aesthetic and Rivers of Blood. Yes, I must've thought, this is perfect; the tulle, the ribbons, the possibly satanic and rebellious messages scrawled all over in a font that resembles 'Brush Script MT' is perfect in depicting my deep teen wounds.


This probably won't be my last post on my hideous possessions, because that's what life is about right? Making mistakes like buying orange stockings and then hating yourself.
Feel free to tell me your ugly fashion past / make a post about it so I feel better about myself, thanks!


  1. A KINDRED SPIRIT! Let's cringe at our past style choices with derp faces all day long. Fun fact: I used to shop exclusively at Jay Jay's. Sad, I know.

  2. Oh my god you should have worn all of it in an outfit, don't some crappy photoshopping and then you would have gone viral -_-" lolz

    xx Domenic


    1. I totally support this notion.

      Become an overnight internet meme

      and live off that success your whole night bebs

    2. YA If I don't become an Internet meme I don't know what I'm living for anymore tbh

  3. lololol this post made me laugh because ive felt the same when rummaging through old clothes (i owned so many odd vests) wtf? I end up bagging the clothes or giving the wear-able garments to my younger sister lol. That furry fluffy thing is very Rachel Zoe though hahaha!
    I went through a goth scene stage too in Highschool i still lsten to the music but i dont dress like an emo lol Blink 182 will be fucking awesome I CANT WAITTT <3

  4. This post is hilarious!!! I have so many things I do not know why I buy.... gladly, as I moved to another country I forced myself to clean all my stuff :D
    I really like ur blog!!! Im now following u on bloglovin and GFC ^^

  5. Isn't itfunny going back through your wardrobe and trying to figure out what on earth compelled you to buy these things you now look upon with some mild form of disgust? I've had that so many times over the years lol

  6. aww love Mulan!!! <3 hahahaa aw cool post!

  7. You are so cute and funny girl! :D


  8. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i really love your blog and style, maybe we can follow each other? (:

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thoroughly enjoyed this!! So many lols at your expressions, man. Plsss make another one of these heheh -.^

  10. haha i've never seen a post like this. But at least you can admit it! I have some crazy ugly clothes in my closet right now too...

  11. great post and funny photos!!
    Maybe we follow each other!?
    Let me know :)

  12. Don't we all!! Too funny- I think sometimes I buy things with the best intentions and then this exact thing happens- ugliness over takes my closet:) Haha!

  13. Too funny - I'm struggling to get rid of my younger-self wardrobe at my parents' place as the items are still in a physically wearable condition. Just not mentally wearable. Hopefully I will have your blog follows permanently etched into my head now, so when I go home, all I will see is you, and this will make sure that I get rid of my younger self crap!

  14. I love this post so much hahaha it speaks to all of our wardrobes. I've never seen orange tights before but nothing like a time in the present hahahaa. Your pink blouse is so out there, I've never seen something spilling in scribbles hehe I had camo pants, and like yourself, did the whole brooding 'nobody understands me'. I mean, all I really needed more was a chinese dragon tattoo to say 'back off' to society. Boys are gonna fall at your feet to hug you! I still can't comprehend what it actually is.. it's a body/jumpsuit ting right? Hahaa the mystery adds to the intrigue. I haven't worn anything as witty as your 'black hole' shirt but I did have a fcuk shirt I donned for half my fourteen year old life. My ugly fashion past... is just emphasized with my 'emo' phase of checkered wristbands and idgaf converses. I'll hang my head in shame now.

  15. Ahaha! This post is so brilliant! I wish I still had some of the stuff I wore as a teen, just to laugh at how hideous it was! :D I recall lots of fcuk tees, lame slogan tees, jogging bottoms, sportswear & awful 'vintage-esque' polyester tea dresses... Urghh!
    I do actually quite like the fluffy black vest though... don't judge me! ;D

  16. holy crap this is a good post,
    how'd you get so many comments and views already?! you're on fire!
    (you're friend from ifb)
    ash -

  17. i love love love your style! love your blog by the way! i followed! would be so honoured if you checked out mine!

  18. lol, you're hilarious. i'm sure we've all had those moments...i look back and think, "wth was i thinking" - if only i knew then what i know now, but heyyyy, it's a part of the growing process. i do like the black fur and camo though :) life's hit or miss. new follower 'coz you're sooo funny.

  19. omg you're actually hilarious, this so applies to like my whole warddrobe. The whole thing is what was i thinking xx