Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Grace Coddington is gettin' real tired of your shit

Fashion week street style photographer

"I used to find attending the shows so invigorating and exciting, but [now] you have to be there with blinders on. To cut out all the rubbish that’s going on around, where the focus seems to be more on the audience than on the clothes that go down the runway. Any old shit can go down the runway and they all sit there and clap."

- Grace Coddington, Fashionista 

Grace struck me bitter and elitist at first glance; these fashion shows send down clothes that are meant to be worn, adored and photographed by the very 'they' she discredits. There's no reason the fashion shows themselves can't share some of the spotlight on it's audience - in fact, it makes the whole thing more human - the backstage photos, Cara Delevingne photobombing, street style bloggers, Kanye West kicking ass at being Kanye West etc etc.

I guess the reason why Grace and other fashion all-stars feel this way (see Amy Odell on why we should stop tweeting everything, Tom Ford on fashion immediacy) is because they're already in it and don't need your shitty and blurry and all round redundant photo of o m G Burberry umbrellas and snow!!!! #lovefashionweek #nofilter

Grace Coddington fashion meme
Found this on the classy Le 21eme and then made it unclassy

So what might be human to me, is really a wasted opportunity for escapism; fashion shows should be an occasion to be savored and enjoyed without distractions, and also a chance to think about fashion, style and clothes in a critical and insightful way. I guess what it really comes down to is appreciating, respecting and owing it to the designer's hard work, and that all this other bullshit dilutes the experience of it all. 


  1. Interesting post! I agree, some people don't really realize how hard being a designer is!


  2. So glad I came across your blog! Great post x

  3. Hi Michelle!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on Lady Croissant.
    Great first post! Looking forward to your next one!

  4. She is one smart lady! <3 I love Grace so much!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  5. What an interesting perspective! She's so right. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


  6. I also thinking we should make memes for each other ;p

    xx Domenic


  7. hey fellow malaysian/sydneysider.. just stumbled on your blog today. i've just finished reading grace coddington's book! what an interesting personality :) as a (graphic) designer i totally understand where she's coming from - street "cred" (much of it fleeting) vs artistic merit and really admire her for putting it out there

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  8. I agree with both her and you...but mostly you. She certainly has a point: fashion week is becoming this time where street style overpowers the shows. People who aren't even going to the shows stand outside of the venues in hopes of making it onto a street style blog. But I also think that's sort of great. People are excited enough about fashion that they get all dressed up in crazy shit and run around and try to look interesting. There aren't many other industries where the both the major players and the onlookers are so dedicated.