Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Best of Best ofs

It's that time of the year when everyone's rolling out Best of 2012 lists for practically anything. Some are pretty crap, like The Biggest Fashion Moments of 2012, From A to Z, only because I usually want to vomit on alphabetical lists, because they're so redundant and inane, and are generally horribly written as the writer struggles to find a mildly related event to match a letter - B for Babies, N for New Faces, Q for Quotable, X for Xtreme Photoshopping -

Anna Wintour unamused
plz stop

So I've taken it upon myself to collate the lists that I think are worth sharing and are actually representative of the year 2012 - from music, fashion, memes, science to news and all that fun stuff.

Fashionologie combines 3 of my favorite things: Fashion, memes and lists. Amused Anna Wintour is queen

Anna Wintour fashion meme

A pretty straightforward list from the great people of Business of Fashion, featuring a personal favorite article about the Man Repeller a.k.a Leandra Medine - her successes, her strategy behind the blog and just generally oozing wit and charm that makes her so likeable. You're my hero and I love you what

Ah, that's more like it. A fairly comprehensive list of news that drove everyone insane (see Raf Simons leaving Jil Sander - looking at you, Twitter), in a very much non-alphabetical way.

One of my favorite Tumblrs, Katemess is a bit more cynical - the world hasn't ended, but it might as well have, what with Henry Holland getting the fashion forward scholarship and America's Next Top Model in it's 19th season...ugh you guys are the worst.

Even if you're not into science, it's a pretty sweet sort of cheat sheet to load on party conversation. And anyway, you don't need to be into science to know that it's been an epic year, with the discovery of the Higgs boson to Curiosity's landing on Mars - look at it gooooooo:

Curiousity Mars

This collection of essays exemplifies some of the best online journalism, the ones where I bookmark and procrastinate reading just because I'm a lazy butt; when I do eventually get to them though, they're all compelling and enlightening, particularly Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, In Rust Belt, a Teenager’s Climb From Poverty and The Story of a Suicide.

The intent behind this list alone is worth an honorable mention, "On my list, there aren't any "electronic bands," dudes who sing, party DJs, or dubstep douchelords. Also notably absent are ambient artists, people who make dreamy, sleepy-ass beats, and Flying Lotus (I am a fan of the new record, but it's on everyone else's list already). This is just good stuff that I've heard from everyone: legends, youngins, artists to watch, and sounds that set themselves apart." Plus, they called out on MTV's shitty list.

Death and Taxes Magazine also made a list of Best Songs of 2012 You Probably Haven't Heard a couple of months ago; despite it's slightly patronizing title, it's true (for me, anyway) - no, I have never heard of Tiny Victories, but I love them already.

8. The FADER: Listmania

The FADER collates its own list of lists, including gems like "Top 4 Pictures of Usher and Animals", "Top 2 Bar Mitzvahs", and "Top 50 Emoticons Duncan Saved on His Computer to Use Later" (Yes, finally).

I'm sure I've missed out a fair few, let me know!


  1. Your blog is so cute ! We are so happy that we have come across your blog and we are now your newest followers, come over and say hi :)

    Stacie and Carly

  2. This list is perfect. I was smiling from ear to ear throughout the whole read. May your 2013 be filled with happiness!

    1. p.s
      I'm with you on the whole "alphabetical thing"

      Silly if you ask me!

  3. What a lovely post! I love reading 'Best of...' lists because they often make me reflect on the events of the year and make me realise how much has happened in such a short time span! Love your meticulously chosen lists - definitely agree that the Man Repeller is a rare gem in the lucrative fashion industry.

    Thank you for your sweet comment! :) I love your blog and am following you now!

    Hope you'll come and pop by again. :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  4. That Anna Wintour picture is funny! The kind of pic that only fashion people would get haha. Thanks for stopping by my blog honey, can't wait to see big things from Lovage this year :)

    Couture Caddy x

  5. I am so glad we share the same sense of humour... Check out the models personal tumblr. Cara Delvigne smoking weed lolz..

    xx Domenic