Thursday, 3 January 2013

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I'm pretty OCD about writing resolutions so I have a fair few; some of which are pretty plausible - like keep up with this blog - others, well...

1. Meet Tom Hanks and hope he adopts me
2. Start my own beehive
3. Stop being such a bitch 

Every year I end up overwhelmed from wanting to do too much, to ending up not doing anything at all - so I've decided to edit and scrap the load of my resolutions (But...Tom Hanks...), thanks to the wise words of Ron Swanson (from Parks and Recreation - if you don't watch it get out of my life right now) who pretty much summed up what I have to do this year:

Ron Swanson Parks and Recreation screencap

I know I so badly want to do everything. I want to travel, take care of bees, hug sloths, read about the Roman Empire, write about fashion, see beautiful clothes, speak Mandarin, learn how to skateboard and study neuroscience but I don't want to, really, if it means I don't do a good job or get the most out of it. So maybe I'll speak Mandarin sometimes and learn how to skateboard first; baby steps.

Hope you guys had a stellar first week of the year, and if not, well suck it up you little bitch god


I also wrote fashion related resolutions over at Lovage Magazine, if you wanted to check it out I don't know that'd be cool I guess if you want no well that's cool too okay like whatever man


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog dear! I got so excited when I discovered yours, it is so nice to find a fashion blog which is actually different. It is like a breath of fresh air (vom cliche) but true !! Snap with your third resolution, I definitely think we should be friends now ha ha. I tried finding you on twitter but your link doesn’t work. Mine is @ourcharr , if you wanna collaborate or something sweet I’m definitely up for that!

    Lots of love, Charlotte xxx

    P.S I LOVE the cure too :)

  2. haahah love your last one!

  3. That Ron Swanson quote is so true!xx

  4. It's my 1st time on your blog! I love your entries. And yes to baby steps.

    ♡ Valerie,