Monday, 4 March 2013


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I'll admit, I get a lot of shit from people for either wearing ugly curtain patterned skirts, or ultra slutty slut crop tops or gross K-Mart granny underpants or loving One Direction unironically but having bad taste and being tacky is too much fun to give up.

So you can imagine my trashy, wet dream delight when a friend was having a thrift shop themed party on Mardi Gras, a holy calling to deck out in my 1970's prom queen gear or as a sequin clad stripper (or both). I ended up wearing this shirt, which didn't fit my aforementioned trashy brief, but who could say no to this shirt? Like actually. So I did a bit of searching and so the story behind 'Cool kids say yes' goes...

"There was this cultural movement in France in the 19th century that basically said 'Humans aren't that hard to figure out. All that we are can be found in our actions.' In response to this, Pete Versus Toby deduced that what defines cool is saying yes.
So, if you're having an existential crisis, just say yes and at least you'll be cool."

I could liken my own form of an existential crisis to when I boil my broccoli and they come out still kind of hard and raw and chewy, but not enough for me to boil them again, so I eat them anyway, which is kind of like, a lame and mediocre kind of crisis, you know? Either way I definitely dig what the shirt is trying to say. I won't 'Yes Man' that shit (you know, that Jim Carrey movie with beautiful unicorn Jennifer Aniston?), but I'm tired of being scared of doing things, so yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Except maybe to maybe watching Vampire Diaries. I just can't even

I didn't even buy this ugly weird ass actually kind of cute aw it's cute! necklace from a thrift shop, I had it ages ago when a kid was selling it at some school market. 

So okay guys, please tell me, what're you saying yes to this month?


  1. This month, I'm saying yes to this blog post.

    1. P.S. Thrift shop themed party? FUCK YEAH!

  2. Oh my god, I'm cracking up! "Beautiful unicorn Jennifer Aniston?" YES. "gross K-Mart granny underpants?" YES. Yes yes yes to everything you're saying. And I like the bumble bee choker. Chic as fuck.


  3. I'm saying yes to the Chlamydia I got from you last night


  4. your necklace reminds me of a pair of floral overalls i owned as a kid haha i found them recently and they fit me but the print is way too kiddie to wear out so im apprehensive. I'll prob say yes to trying to wear it out in public and styling it so i dont look like a 12 yr old girl =||

  5. haha this post is hilarious! the top's actually awesome, same for the necklace!


  6. How fun!!! haha love the outfit! This month, I'm saying yes to college acceptances. hahaha. (hopefully colleges will say yes to me.)


  7. Love, love, love your blog! Come by my blog and let's follow each other! Stay in touch!


  8. I love it! If you're going to go wrong, do it in a really big way without apology

    @pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  9. Love ur tshirt ^^