Thursday, 11 April 2013

Work it out in the morning

ft. ASOS swimsuit and shorts way too small for me

I am so excited and inspired and stoked to blog about shit (great vocab gurl, do I even go to uni) and show you guys what I've been working on! Life's been filthy lately (but equal amounts of great) involving excessive consumption of food (just ate 300g of Bavarian cake, you wanna go?), naked dance parties to Backstreet Boys because I have the house to myself, a solo patisserie crawl along Rozelle, a whiskey + apple mint flavored shisha and showing up to my Marketing exam half drunk from the night before covered in bruises, a swollen lip and a bleeding ear:

I AM NOT EVEN POUTING OKAY I walked around looking like I got botox done by a 5 year old on a street corner in China
Worth it though - that was the night Jackie Onassis was playing and they're d o p e as fuck. Download their whole freaking album here or you're a wrinkled foreskin (that's my new favorite comeback fyi).


  1. Wtf woman, your bodee! Pft, 300g of Bavarian cake's got nuthin' on you.

  2. That ASOS swimsuit is adorable! This post is absolutely stunning.

    xo, Meera |

  3. Super adorable! Love your blog, now following via GFC & Bloglovin! Would love if you could follow back :)


  4. Can you stop being so beautiful you asshole <3

    Luv u 5evr

  5. Beautiful minimalistic swimwear and love the denim shorts also!

  6. I died.

    How did it feel to have cocksucking lips for a while? :P

    loveeeeeeeee u xoxoox

  7. wow amazing body!!!!!! so jealous

    so glad i dropped past

    xx Michelle

  8. O_O omg can i have your bodyyy
    I feel so filthy after eating excessive amounts of desserts and i go into a food coma and look disgusting i should really exercise but im too much of a sloth HAHA and you wanna become a sloth judgin frm your post below hehe

  9. Good on you. If you stumble into an exam still drunk and bleeding, you must have had a good night! :-p

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    Mags x