Monday, 20 May 2013

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ft Elwood dress, shirt and parka stolen off my unfortunate friends, H&M boots, ugly ass Sportsgirl bag, H&M boots, Royal Aquamarine sunglasses

Whenever I try taking selfies / outfit photos I can feel my brain and the rest of the world going like

I have very little of interest to say - what do I even have to talk about on outfit posts? Lo0k at me these are clothes I lyk dis with dis it looks gud so I wear it!!!11!!!1 me be wit boots ?? F E S H IO N
You know what's actually interesting? This bad ass red as fuck waterfall.

I'd probably be a really shitty geologist (good thing I'm not one!) because the first two things I thought of when I saw this was 1. OH NO we breaked nature and the earth sorry halp 2. Looks like vagina period blood ow 

More skilled geologists than I obvs did their thang and found that this red waterfall is the run-off from a lake beneath the Taylor Glacier, where all these microbes dudes chill out - like literally trapped under a thick layer of ice from the rest of the world, with no light or oxygen - and oozes out red stuff cos it's doped up in iron. So these little dudes basically lived in a natural time capsule, and it shows that life can exist in the most extreme conditions on Earth - how's that for an outfit post


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  1. omgawd i lurve how u paired the white dress with white shoes that is some amazin nxt lvl stylinnnnnn bb

    and lyk who is dat hottie in da blue plaid shirt, is he ur boyf? gurl u r so lucky

    and that don't look like no vagina period blood. tht look lyk my ass hole after saturday night


  2. aw nah, bloggin is the world of selfies!

    x. PixelHazard | Bright Green Laces |

  3. lolol this whole post cracked me up. I know what you mean about thoughts running through your head when you take selfies. BUT they're essential and perfect for fashion blogging + you look cute in that dress duh. honestly, i thought of period blood when i saw that glacier as well; i'd be the BEST geologist. :D

  4. gahahahhaha i always feel like that when i take selfies nowdays and i dont like describing why i wore what either =s its so tedious and pointless
    Ive been so delayed in checking out ppls blogs but thanks for dropping a comment by my blog :D

    However i must comment you look smashing in that stripe dress and the connies

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